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CLR7997-E4 Programmable Universal Remote Control

Basic Information
    This remote control specification is as below:
  • USB/IR programming function, only available in PC software, needing USB/IR programmer and PC software.
  • Audio cable programming, available in PC or smartphone(IOS and Android).
  • Universal remote control function, containing about 1000pcs TV/VCR/DVD/CD/SAT/HIFI/AUX  remorte control codes.
  • 43 x 2 buttons.
  • URC code number setup and program.
  • URC code online transmitting search and program.
  • 6pcs URC codes can be updated to amend embeded URC codes.
  • 40pcs FAV channel list setup and program.
  • FAV function open/close.
  • Power macro function.
  • Volume punch through function.

PC software V10 download. 

IOS App download QB code: (Search "Longer URC" in Apple store.)

 Android App QB code: (Search "Longer URC" in Google play store.)


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